Artist Profile

Montri Toemsombat

Montri Toemsombat, well known for his entangled art and fashion performances and installations, graduated from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts of Chulalongkorn University in Thailand in 1998. Montri’s work questions and seeks equilibrium between cultures; it explores the contradiction between rural life and rampant consumerism, the folk and the urban, local and global. Through his use of new raw and unconventional medium, as well as a deep exploration of his cultural identity, the whole of Montri’s work has deepened our psychical and ethical relationship to contemporary Thailand and furthermore to the complexity of our modern world.

Montri was the recipient of a Japan Foundation research grant and has exhibited widely including Fluid Zones, Jakarta Biennale 2009, Jakarta, Indonesia, “Inhale-Exhale”(2006) at the Kiasma Museum in Finland, “New Fashion Order: Dissolution” at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (2005), Thai Pavilion at the 50th Venice Biennale (2003). “Breaking out of the cocoon, Growing out of rice” (solo, 2010) at Jim Thompson Art Center, “Nanothailand” (solo, 2008) at 100 Tonson Gallery, Bangkok, “The Moonshine Hunter” (solo 2014), at Toot Yung art center, Bangkok, Busan Biennale (2008), “Urban by Nature” Ratchaprasong art maze, Bangkok (Public outdoor exhibition 2016).


Available Work